What is a callback?Edit

Callbacks are commands that execute when an event occurs. The callback package has several commands:

  • add : creates a new callback at a given event type
    • Example: callback add onStart say beta "The start event has launched"
  • remove : removes a callback from the event
    • Example: callback remove 0 onStart

Callback Event TypesEdit

  • onLoad : When the game finishes loading
  • onStart : When the player takes control of Beta for the first time.
  • gameLoop : Everytime the game loop executes
  • onWin : When the game is won
  • onFail : When the game is lost
  • onSpawn : When the player is spawned
  • onDeath : When the player dies
  • onTick : When the targeted timer ticks
  • onTimeout : When the targeted timer runs out
  • atTick : When a specific tick count is reached ono the target timer
  • onChange : Whenever the targeted counter's count changes
  • atCount : When a specific count is reached by the targeted counter
  • onTap : When the targeted object is tapped ( clicked )
  • onCollect : When the targeted object is collected


Adding callbacks:

  • callback add gameLoop add ball