codePop is the language that builds Beta's world. It was built to be simple, intuitive, and easy to learn. Entering a codePop command is a similar experience to using the Terminal on a Mac/Linux or the Command Line Interface in Windows. We have color-coded it as a simple visual aid to let users know when their code is wrong. If any part of your codePop command is red, you have an error in your command. 

Besides having fun and building awesome games, our aim with codePop is to teach how to learn, and more specifically how to learn other computer languages. While simple, codePop is a very open and deep language, it has been designed to allow players to build practically anything they can think of. 

We encourage our players to 'get' and 'set' everything, so that they can shape the Beta world in their vision. We are encouraging a way of thinking that will help them in the future, not only by learning digital skills but also real-life skills.