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Notice the information displayed in the console (right).

The [ getAll ] command

This command is similar to the [ get ] command. The difference is that it will get information about all objects you specify instead of just one. Check out the example below: 

getAll platform

In the codePop above, you will receive the location of each platform in the level. 

Using [ getAll ] with objectsEdit

Below is a list of objects that you can use the [ getAll ] command with to inspect your Beta environment. Try them all out to see what they do.

getAll actor 'getAll' boardPlatform
'getAll' boost 'getAll' crate
'getAll' door 'getAll' impulse
'getAll' memory 'getAll' movingPlatform
'getAll' platform 'getAll' spike
'getAll' spring 'getAll' timer

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