The [ set ] command

The [ set ] command allows you to change the option of any object in the game. To get a list of options to change, run the [ get ] command. Assume you want to change the bounce of one of your balls - you can first run a [ get ] on it to see what it's current bounce is. You can now run the [ set ] command to ch[[setAll|
Beta Tutorial 4 How to get and set object properties in your game-103:15

Beta Tutorial 4 How to get and set object properties in your game-1

ange it. Below is an example of this scenario:
set ball0 bounce:5

Like with the [ get ] command, you should type [ set ] and then click on the object you want to change. After clicking the object, type in the option (characteristic) of the object that you want to change. 

For an in-game tutorial of the [ get ] and [ set ] commands, type the following in the terminal:

level play readygetset king

Using [get] and [set] to change OptionsEdit

In the examply above, you saw how to [ set ] the bounce of the ball. bounce is what's called an option. Suppose you want to change the height of the ball, you would use [ set ] like so:

set ball0 height:140

Remember that you can change any option of any object with the [set] command.

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