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Wow, those are some mean looking spikes! row spike 1 7 10 height:210 width:20

The [ spike ] object is a spike which serves as an obstacle in Beta's world. If Beta falls on a spike he breaks apart and has to start over from the last spawn point. 

Use the spike in your game designs to challenge your players, encouraging them to find creative ways to get through your game. 

Building with [ spike ]Edit

To add a spike type the following into the terminal:

add spike

To add a column [ col ] of spike's type:

col spike 0 10 5

To add a row of spike's type:

row spike 0 10 5

What are those numbers in the 'col' and 'row' commands?

The 0 10 5 in the [ col ] and [ row commands are 'x y length'. The 0 is for the starting x point, the 5 is the starting y point, the 10 is for length

Customizing a [ spike ]Edit

You can use the [ get ] and [ set ] commands to get and set all your spike characteristics. Here's an example of using the [ set ] command to change the angle, height, and width of your spike:

set platform1_1 angle:60 height:210 width:20

get ] and [ set ] are very important to know in order to customize your game design, make sure to read our wiki entries about them in the codePop library section. 

Running a [ get ] shows you 32 characteristics of a spike that you can change. These are listed below: 

active allowRotation
alpha angle
blendMode bodyType
bounce bumpForce
bumpable callbacks
classCollisionsOn collisions
collisionsOn density
dynamicFriction gravMass
graveMassMode gravMassScale
height magnetic
mass name
rollingFriction skin
staticFriction team
velocityX velocityY
visible width
x y