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Here we build a row of springs: row spring 1 10 10

A [ spring ] is an object which acts as a spring for any object (i.e balls, crates, actors, Beta himself) that interacts with it.

Springs can be used to make your games more dynamic.

When jumping on a spring, hold the (spacebar) in order to jump as high as you need to. 

Building with [ spring ]Edit

To add a spring, type the following into the terminal:

add spring

To add a column [ col ] of spring's type:

col spring 0 10 5

To add a row of spring's type:

row spring 0 10 5

What are those numbers in the 'col' and 'row' commands?

The 0 10 5 in the [ col ] and [ row commands are 'x y length'. The 0 is for the starting x point, the 5 is the starting y point, the 10 is for length.

Customizing a [ spring ]Edit

You can use the [ get ] and [ set ] commands to get and set all your spring characteristics. Here's an example of using the [ set ] command to change the angle, height, and width of your spring:

set spring1_1 angle:60 height:210 width:140 

get ] and [ set ] are very important to know in order to customize your game design, make sure to read our wiki entries about them in the codePop library section. 

Running a [ get ] shows you 32 characteristics of a spring that you can change. These are listed below: 

active allowRotation
alpha angle
blendMode bodyType
bounce bumpForce
bumpable callbacks
classCollisionsOn collisions
collisionsOn density
dynamicFriction gravMass
graveMassMode gravMassScale
height magnetic
mass name
rollingFriction skin
staticFriction team
velocityX velocityY
visible width
x y