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codePOP is an original game programming language developed by Errol King and Christopher Moody of Hidden Level Games for the Beta platform. It was influenced by linux, JSON, and python.

codePOP is a 'tweet-sized' programming language designed for ease of use, speed and instant feedback. We created this language to fill the need to make game programming fast and fun.

Codepop Structure

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.44.59 AM
codePOP consists of commands. Groups of commands are called a Package. Here are some examples of packages: Gravity, Actor, Level, etc. Commands have a signature. The signature is the syntax of the command. Each signature includes the name of the command followed by arguments. Arguments are pieces of data required by the command to do its job. Without the proper arguments the command cannot be executed.

Common Commands

set and setAll

Full Package List

This package contains some neat commands as well. Try typing the following commands and see what happens:

actor callback
camera class
collision counter
event gravity
level music
net sound
tileset timer

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